My HG Premier

I bought my HG in 1998 from my then boss, who’s wife had told him he had too many cars, and if he wanted that ’55 Corvette, something had to go. So I did what any decent person would do, I took the Prem off his hands. Someone said to me back then, you have to be a mechanic or rich to own a car like this. Nah, she’ll be right I said. The following month the engine packed up. 

It wasn’t so much that I was into Holdens back then, but simply that I liked this car and it was for sale – the right time and place I guess (and yes, I did still think that after the engine stopped, well mostly). 

From then on it was a fairly typical Holden story, summer holidays to Castlepoint, a surf wagon, the kids Saturday morning cricket, quick trips down to the shops and even the wedding car. 

As I have learnt about the history of Holden GM and spent some time illustrating these cars, I have come to appreciate how beautiful they are, and unique, having been shaped by Australians for Australian conditions. I’m a Kiwi, and the all Aussie car very quickly became a part of the New Zealand identity as well.

Many people I meet (of my vintage at least, I will elaborate no further) have a Holden story, and that is part of the charm of owning a car like my HG Prem.