1958 Cadillac DeVille


This car is best known for its part in a photograph of Marilyn Monroe, looking a little surprised with her white dress blowing in the wind. Marilyn was on her way to the opera in New York City where she was meeting John (John was waiting in the opera house foyer, in disguise, as his wife Jackie thought he was working late). As Marilyn approached the foyer entrance, she passed a Cadillac DeVille parked at the curb-side. Inside the car was a little girl, the daughter of an advertising executive from Madison Avenue who had just bought a new camera and flash. The girl was playing with the camera while her Dad popped into the drug store to buy cigarettes. Suddenly the flash went off, catching Marilyn by surprise – she nearly jumped out of her skin. The famous pose had been captured. A few weeks later, when the film was processed, the ad exec realised what he had. He immediately put the photo and negative into an envelope and posted them straight to Marilyn, apologising for the breach of privacy. Marilyn wrote back and said ‘no worries’ and posted the photo on her Facebook page. It went viral. Marilyn became the first internet sensation. There have been lots of sensations since but Marilyn is still the most famous.  

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Triumph Vitesse 1600


Back in the 1920s there was a guy called Adolph Rickenbacker who realised nobody was making electric guitars. In fact, he realised nobody had even invented one. Along came another guy, George Beauchamp, who had a patent for an electric guitar but didn’t know what an electric guitar was yet. So between them, they invented one. It had a very long neck and small round body and they said ‘Hey, it’s a fry pan’. Fry pan was already taken so George said ‘What shall we call it then, Rickenbacker?’ and Adolph said ‘OK, let’s call it Rickenbacker’. So that was settled and they started making guitars. As is often the way with guitar sales, the ebbs and flows are affected by who is playing what and when. One afternoon, while test driving a new bright red Vitesse, a young fella called John spotted one in a shop window. John immediately rang Ed Sullivan and said ‘Hey Ed, I can get you a Rickenbacker on your show, what do you reckon?’. So John, with some of his mates, went to America for the now legendary ‘1964 Rickenbacker appearance’ on the Ed Sullivan show. Not long after, John’s mates George and Paul joined the Rickenbacker club. Then John noticed everyone had Rickenbacker’s except poor ol’ Ringo, who only had drums – so John gave Ringo one he didn’t want and that’s how the four lads from Liverpool became The Rickles. What?

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