1960 Ford Falcon XK


So, just when you thought you’d never hear this from a Holden guy, here it is, the Mighty Ford Falcon.

It’s out there now, no taking that back.

Better still, it’s parked out front of the best pub in town, Parrotdog Bar in Lyall Bay Wellington. Even better than that though, we down tools on Fridays and head-off to Parrotdog for a couple of ‘quiets’ before picking up the fish ‘n chips … no wait … and today’s Friday!

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Holden HG Premier


We met in 1997, it was love at first sight – when we started getting around together someone said to me, ‘you have to be rich or a mechanic to have one of these’. I said ‘nah, don’t worry, we’re in love’. It all went swimmingly to start with, but then those little things started chipping away, a bit of rust here, a little rattle there. Eventually it came time to take a ‘Break’. We’ve taken many breaks since those early days; my Prem goes and spends a few weeks with its mechanic, or its paint and panel friend, sometimes the auto-electrician. For me it’s just a bit of time out, get some exercise walking up to the shops or the bus stop. Sometimes I contemplate the carless life … life without Prem. Find myself a nice little e-bike, something not so complicated – OK I’ll say it, something less needy. But then comes the phone call, Prem’s ready to come home again. We have a wee drive and a bit of a chat, I rest my arm on the windowsill and think out loud ‘What a lot of nonsense, an e-bike indeed’.

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