1966 Volkswagen Beetle


Back in 1969, John, Ringo, Paul and George were on their way to Paul’s flat for a beer in John’s white Beetle. Yoko had bought it for his birthday along with a white birthday suit. His birthday was still a couple of months away but due to his incessant nagging, she gave him his presents early. Suddenly Paul said ‘Uv on-lee won ciggie left, best we git som moo-wer’ (that’s Liverpudlian if you didn’t pick it) and John said ‘Imagine thut’ and pulled up on the footpath, right opposite a shop. The four lads jumped out and strolled back to the zebra crossing. Once in order (John, Ringo, Paul and George) and after looking right-left-right, they crossed the road. When they reached the other side they realised the shop was shut. John stopped in his tracks and said ’Sod-it’. Ringo bumped into John and said ’Sod it John’. Paul had stopped with a stone in his foot and said ’sodding stones’ and George said ‘Yeah bot Sweet Virginia’s quart good’. They got back in order and returned to the car. The Beatles in a Beetle aye? Have to hand that to Yoko, nice one.

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