Mercedes Benz 300 SL


Imagine having one of these parked out in the garage, next to the old man’s Champagne Toyota Camry sedan. But imagine if your son and his mate decided to give it a new coat of paint, out of the goodness of their hearts. That gun-metal grey lead-based roof paint they found in the back of the asbestos lined shed. But imagine if they couldn’t find the paint brushes so used sticks instead. Those sticks in the kitchen draw – if it’s good for Mum to paint chocolate onto cakes it’ll be good for painting cars. Reasonable enough to a five year old. Imagine if they were so thorough even the chrome got a coating. Imagine the gun-metal grey footprints on the concrete garage floor and grey fingerprints on everything within a metre radius of your precious 300SL and the old man’s Champagne Toyota Camry sedan. Imagine the wobbly you’d throw on sight of their handy work. Imagine them trying to wipe the paint off (bless them) with those dirty rags they found in a pile on the garage floor, under the lathe. Im-agine.  

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