Holden HG Premier


We met in 1997, it was love at first sight – when we started getting around together someone said to me, ‘you have to be rich or a mechanic to have one of these’. I said ‘nah, don’t worry, we’re in love’. It all went swimmingly to start with, but then those little things started chipping away, a bit of rust here, a little rattle there. Eventually it came time to take a ‘Break’. We’ve taken many breaks since those early days; my Prem goes and spends a few weeks with its mechanic, or its paint and panel friend, sometimes the auto-electrician. For me it’s just a bit of time out, get some exercise walking up to the shops or the bus stop. Sometimes I contemplate the carless life … life without Prem. Find myself a nice little e-bike, something not so complicated – OK I’ll say it, something less needy. But then comes the phone call, Prem’s ready to come home again. We have a wee drive and a bit of a chat, I rest my arm on the windowsill and think out loud ‘What a lot of nonsense, an e-bike indeed’.

Scootermodern on Etsy
ScooterModern on Shopify

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